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Military packing

  The main task of military industry is to meet the production needs of national defense and war main armaments to a certain extent. Compared with other basic industries, military industry has the following characteristics:

  (1) The biggest difference between the political industry and other industries is that it must not only shoulder the task of national economic construction, but also shoulder the major task of national military construction, and has a strong political nature。The construction and development of the national defense industry must serve national security interests and strategic objectives, and its construction and development direction directly reflects the scale of national security and military strategy to a country, and it is necessary to improve combat effectiveness as the main standard。

  (2) Because of the high security of some military technologies, especially advanced weapons and equipment and production technology to achieve national security and strategic intentions, it is often in a state of high security。The high security industry decided that the military could only be developed and produced by certain military enterprises。The transformation of state-owned military enterprises, there are many limitations, some secret technologies should not be used because of market temptation and civilian production, if you want to turn to civilian, must be appropriate technological transformation, split through the application of patent protection, only for civilian production。This secrecy has limited the openness of the military-industrial market。

  (3) Since the buyer's monopoly of defense can only be borne by the State, the buyer of the body's defense industry will naturally have a monopoly。 The Monopsony defense industry determines its economic performance in some other industries with special laws, and well-functioning market mechanisms may not work here。

  (4) High risk on the one hand,Military industry is capital,Technology and talent intensive high-risk industries,Requiring large capital investments requires considerable technical and scientific time,And to bear high research and production risk;On the other hand,Military requirements are often characterized by severe imbalances,Military weapons and equipment have a clear and systematic series of characteristics,Different weapon systems in standard,There are huge differences in standards。

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